Make up a Christmas Cookie Tray

Make up a Christmas Cookie Tray

Posted by Harley Davidson Tuesday, November 4, 2008 0 comments
Today don't about kids face painting, but i will present about face painting of Cookie Tray for your Merry Christmas Party 2008. Christmas cookie tray is a great way to welcome guests or bring to a party. There are a few things to remember, however, when putting one together.

Step1 You should preferrably have several kinds of cookies to put on your tray, maybe 4 - 7 types.

Step2 Pull your hair back. Wash your hands or wear gloves. Get out your tray. Lay it in front of you.

Step3 If your cookies are different sizes, start with the largest size cookies. Put one row of cookies all the way around the edge of the tray. Lay them so they rest a little bit on top of each other. You want one cookie to have one edge under the previous cookie and one edge on top of the next cookie.

Step4 Start with the next size or type of cookie. Lay these inside the first row of cookies. Again nest them so they are under the edge of the previous cookie and over the edge of the next cookie.

Step5 Lay out all the cookies on the tray until you are pleased with how they look. You can stack extra cookies and make a second layer if you like.

Step6 Wrap with plastic wrap carefully. If your tray is too large, you may need to put two pieces of plastic wrap side by side, and then wrap your tray. Put a bow on top.


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