Skeleton Face Painting

Skeleton Face Painting

Posted by Harley Davidson Saturday, November 1, 2008 0 comments
Follow the easy Step-by-step guide below and see our Face Painting. Enjoy with Skeleton Face Painting Now!!!

Step 1
Lightly dampen a high density sponge and build up with Snazaroo White. Cover the entire face with a White base. Ensure the base is spread evenly with no streaks.

Step 2
For a more sallow complexion, add Snazaroo Pale Yellow to the forehead and cheek bone areas with a sponge.

Step 3
With a Snazaroo fine round brush start to build up the boney features of the face as follows: Draw a line over the temples as shown (below left) using a fine round brush loaded with Snazaroo Black. Then whilst the paint is still wet, drag and blend the line to create a shadow effect (below right) using a dry Snazaroo large flat brush

Step 4
Now outline the yellow forehead area as shown with Black paint using a fine round brush. Again create a shadow effect by using the drag and blend technique with a dry brush.

Step 5
Paint a thin Black spoon shape line under the cheek bones to create a hollow effect. Drag and blend the wet line using a dry large flat brush to create this effect

Add wrinkles around the face with a fine round brush loaded with Black paint - crows' feet are good. Shadow the inner aspect of the eye socket with black paint. Paint a tooth shape at the end of the nose to show the bone structure using a multi purpose brush.

Step 6
Now hollow the eyes out using a sponge loaded with Black paint. Make sure the sponge is barely damp then use a dry large flat brush to blend in a little with the surrounding White. Hollow the mouth by painting egg shaped areas using a large flat brush on each side of the mouth. They should meet the spoon shape (painted in step 5) as shown.

Step 7
Use a fine round brush loaded with Snazaroo Black to paint in the teeth to complete the look.


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