How to Reference Face Painting Pictures for Practice

How to Reference Face Painting Pictures for Practice

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Create a record of your face painting work by compiling a scrapbook filled with pictures of your finest creations. Use your scrapbook as a reference manual of face painting techniques you used successfully used in the past. Show your scrapbook to new clients as examples and inspiration for their face painting experience.

Instructions Things You’ll Need:
Face painting supplies
Photo album

Step1 Practice your face painting skills on willing members of your family or on family friends. Begin to take pictures with a camera of your work after you are comfortable with your skill level. Take multiple picture of each face painting during the face painting process and multiple pictures of the finished creation. Take pictures of different angles of your work.

Step2 Develop or print out the pictures. Choose the pictures that best reflect your face painting ability. Consider using a series of pictures that reveal the face painting process. Count the number of pictures you want to showcase and head out to your local craft or photography store.

Step3 Select a photo album with clear plastic photo holders. Choose a non-stick album so you can easily switch out pictures as your face painting portfolio grows. Choose display pages that keep pictures securely in place. Practice turning the pages with photos in place to determine if the album can withstand frequent viewing.

Step4 Purchase the photo album and arrange your face painting pictures in the album. Remember to feature your best work.

Step5 Show your album to prospective clients and ask them to choose the face painting they desire. Use your album for a reference source to remember the patterns you create. Update your album frequently or purchase additional albums to show your growing body of work.

Step6 Post a permanent collage of your face painting creations on a movable piece of poster board to use as a display. Use your collage as an advertisement for your face painting skills.

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