How to Host a Super Bowl Party for Kids

How to Host a Super Bowl Party for Kids

Posted by Harley Davidson Tuesday, August 26, 2008 0 comments
Super Bowl is another time when you see children get excited about an upcoming game because of their parents. While most Super Bowl parties are geared toward adults with beer and buffalo wings, kids can indulge in a child-friendly Super Bowl party also. With some games and face paint, this Super Bowl party can score points with kids.
Step1 Send out the invites to some of your children's friends. Because this party is taking place in the evening, you may only want to select a handful of children to attend the Super Bowl party. Invite the parents as well, or you may opt to watch the children while the parents go their adult Super Bowl parties.
Step2 Tell the children to dress up in their favorite football jerseys. Decide if you want to paint faces during the Super Bowl Party for the kids to enjoy. You may need to ask permission from the parents if you plan on doing this in case any of the children are allergic to the face paint.
Step3 Buy some munchies for the party. Think about some great treats that the children could enjoy that would be fun and healthy.
Step4 Set up a few fun and simple games at your Super Bowl party for the kids. Setting up a table football game on the kitchen table might be a fun way for the children to socialize during the Super Bowl party for kids.
Step5 Encourage the children to actually watch the Super Bowl. While many of the kids may not show any interest, it may be a good time to educate the kids about some of the players' positions or give them a quick geography lesson about where the event is taking place. Make the game exciting by allowing the children to be cheerleaders on the side.


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