Create FacesTM - Kids Face Painting (Halloween Horror)

Create FacesTM - Kids Face Painting (Halloween Horror)

Posted by Harley Davidson Thursday, July 23, 2009 1 comments
Be a werewolf a crazed zombie or out of your skull. With a little face paint and imagination, your transformation can be quick and easy. Professional clown and face painter Sharon Neilson demonstrates just how easy it is. In this instructional DVD, she shows how to paint eight different full-face designs:

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Frankenstein, Living Dead/Zombie (2 variations), Mummy, Skull, Vampire, Half-skull, and Werewolf. She also discusses supplies and cleaning. For professionals working fairs and birthday parties, Sharon also provides tips on working with children and marketing.


Jean @ bigjobsboard said...

Cool! But I am wondering if the make-up is not bad for the baby skin?

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