Becoming a Makeup (Face Painting) Professional

Becoming a Makeup (Face Painting) Professional

Posted by Harley Davidson Monday, December 8, 2008 0 comments
If you have decided to become a professional makeup artist (I call face painting), the first step is to find a makeup artists school. Get as many information about all the schools in your country as possible and decide which one is best for you. Also check out other makeup artist programs and online courses. Also try to learn by yourself how to apply makeup as a professional: assessing the client (coloring, face shape, skin type), preparing the face, applying makeup (foundation, eye makeup, blush, lip color, etc.) and completing the look.

Try to do makeup for print photography; it's a very important part of this job, to know the difference between live makeup and makeup for photography's. Another important thing is to learn how to do character makeup (film and television, theater, special effects makeup), what to have in you kit (different types of makeup and application tools), how to keep up with makeup trends, how to quickly get experience through volunteer work and apprenticeship.

While starting your makeup artist career, find out how to create an impressive portfolio even if you have no previous paid makeup artist experience. Discover who employs makeup artists and try to contact them, including: salons and spas, retail stores and cosmetics companies. Where makeup jobs are advertised, find out what employers are looking for and how to make a good impression in an interview, do your best to find the job where you could get valuable experience.

Of course if you decide to be makeup artist because this job is interesting and has many benefits, you have to understand that it won't come at the moment. You have to be very patient, do the best you can to become a real professional; you have to be very keen on what you do and only when you'll become a really successful makeup artist. You have to be excessively up-to-date and communicative. Good communication skills are very important in such profession, because if you'll become a famous makeup specialist, you'll have to learn how to deal with various people, well-known persons who sometimes have a rather difficult character.

If you belong to some salon, spa or anything of this kind, you won't be able to choose your clients and will have to pay some money to your employer, yet the advantage is that you won't have to search for clients yourself and you will be sure that you'll get some money. However, if you will become well-known makeup professional, clients will search for you and your earnings will be higher. Commonly famous artists establish their own salons and hire people to do the job. If you enjoy making people beautiful, communicating with famous people, you may work independently.


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