Face Painting Ideas For All Ages

Face Painting Ideas For All Ages

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Face painting takes just a few simple skills to master to provide maximum appeal. Face painting ideas can come from anyone and anything, including fantastical elements from literature and film, mundane everyday items that get transformed with a bit of creativity into something unique- even dreams and fantasies can provide fertile raw materials from which to harvest face painting ideas.

Christmas Face Painting

Certain themes seem to be favored by girls while others by boys. For example, girls often enjoy having their faces painted along the following lines: butterflies, cats, cuddle animals, puppies, fairies, princesses, bunny rabbits and other small furry creatures, ladybugs, flowers, elves, rainbows and mermaids.

Boys often enjoy being painted as superheroes (like Spiderman or Batman), pirates, more ferocious animals like tigers or lions, bats and other 'spooky' creatures, clowns, aliens, robots, rock stars and adventure characters. Both girls and boys share many of the same face painting ideas when it comes to Halloween: ghosts, witches, warlocks, devils, skulls, spider webs, bats, black cats, monsters, aliens, clowns and magical beings of all sorts.

Face painting ideas for adults run the gamut from the comical to the merely whimsical, from the horrifying to the sedate, and from the prosaic to the sublime. It is not uncommon for adults to toss their inhibitions aside and cover themselves with 40 pounds of insulating foam and paint, pieces of furniture or gallons of dyed sugary syrup designed to mimic blood and gore.

The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting is your source of ideas on how to paint faces the way professionals do. It's easy, fun and exciting to get professional results with our downloadable ebook. Complete with step-by-step instructions for 50 popular designs and over 600 detailed photographs, the Guide will show you how to do everything in clear, easy to follow directions for faces that will delight your children and amaze your friends.

Whatever your gender or age, your imagination and natural likes and dislikes will determine what you will end up looking like when you have your face painted. Before you go too crazy letting your imagination run riot, please keep in mind the following safety precautions about face painting:

• Do not use toxic paints or ones that induce allergic reactions
• Do not use paints that are flammable or otherwise dangerous
• Make sure that all applications of paint, makeup, gels, pastes and other substances are easy to remove without damaging your skin
• Plan your designs carefully to maximize enjoyment and minimize possible problems
• Do not use inappropriate tools when applying paints
•Keep paints and other substances well away from eyeballs, inner ears, the insides of the nostrils or mouth

That's it! Keep it simple, sane and creative. Have fun and enjoy your new face!


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