Use Food as Face Paint - Kids love playing with their food

Use Food as Face Paint - Kids love playing with their food

Posted by Harley Davidson Thursday, October 9, 2008 0 comments
Almost Children love playing with the food, No matter what kind it is. After all of the nagging and telling them to eat it, the time comes to just give in and join in on the fun. Classic food scenes like the boy and his potatoes in "Christmas Story" provided a lot of laughs and these laughs can be brought into your own when you are using foods as face paints.

Step1 Choose a food that your child likes. Though they would make cool eyebrows, children probably will not want to put asparagus all over their face. Keep it simple: Candy and things like that will keep the kids entertained and also give them a tasty treat.

Step2 Use condiments. These have the perfect consistency to stick to the face and there are a variety of colors. Bright red ketchup and yellow mustard are classics, and even new colored ketchup can provide colors like green and blue. Children love chocolate and pudding is the perfect thing to coat their faces with. If applied smoothly, the chocolate will stay on the face for a long period of time. White cake frosting and a variety of food coloring can provide almost any color and open up the face painting possibilities.

Step3 Use healthy foods. If you want to get a little extra out of the food face painting, use foods that will actually cleanse and relax a face. Oatmeal, cucumbers and even mashed up bananas can help a face feel cleansed and in some cases even clean out pores.

Step4 Avoid sticky and overly messy foods. If you choose the wrong food, more time could be spend cleaning up than actually playing with it. Peanut butter is a big thing to avoid because once it gets into hair, it can be a sticky mess. Also try to avoid fruits like berries that may stain clothes.

Step5 Apply the food. Either using a Popsicle stick or two fingers, gently apply the food around the face. Try out different designs like an animal accent or a tribal drawing. Using a yellow food coloring you could even turn your child into a Spongebob Squarepants!


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