Kids Face Painting Skull

Kids Face Painting Skull

Posted by Harley Davidson Monday, September 15, 2008 1 comments
Hello! today i found this video form Youtube. it is very interest.
This is info form it.

Hey i'm Erica Lynn! I knowww i look horrid without makeup. anyways i started a face painting business called Bubble and Squeak Face Painting. I wouldn't have thought my first video would have been of me face painting but here you go. i thought i would have been doing a makeup tutorial. anyways... have any requests for face painting or makeup..just ask me :DTIPS: make your face more white by adding baby powder to your face, after you put the white face paint. i didn't do that so mine isn't very white :P


Anonymous said...

Cool video. I like the cracks on the forehead.

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