Kids Face-Painting Designs

Kids Face-Painting Designs

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Face painting is one of the most fun things for young children. In a trice, you can pretend to become another creature, assume a new personality. Designs for painting on the face are usually those of animals, flowers or a few human characters.

Face painting can be a great profession and you could paint kids faces for a party or an event. Avoid colours and try out the magic of black and white. Use gold dustings or silver hints at the edges. Face painting should be in sync with the dress. Clown faces are very common and you could be the macho Spiderman or the cat woman.

Be an alien, starfish or the Indian kathakali mask. Being comfortable is important while painting faces. Choose a position for the model and yourself so that you do not strain your back or need to arch your neck strenuously. Perfection happens with practice. Keep a chart ready for models to choose and for starters you could play with water colour effects on the back of the palm. Face painting is for all of us to enjoy and grab the attention.

For children, the simplest face-painting designs are those of a pirate – one big, scary moustache and a black patch over one eye – and you are the fearsome lord of the seas!

Other popular ones include butterflies, rabbits and sunflowers.

Most people just use watercolours for face-painting. But you should remember to be careful while using paint on the face. Some might contain harmful chemicals, which need to be kept away from very small children. Or you might have allergies to paint. It is best to test it on your hand or arm before applying on the face.

You can also make you own face-painting material, using food-colouring, cornstarch and cold cream. They’re more economical and will be washed off easily. Use a sponge or brush while making the design and be careful when painting areas like the eyes and the mouth. A little glitter and coloured gels combined with paint does a very long way. And If you get really good at this, you could even begin your own little enterprise.


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