Face Painting Insurance

Face Painting Insurance

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As a member of FACE you are automatically covered by our block public liability insurance policy which gives individual members up to 5 million coverage. Our insurance brokers are Towergate The contact number for general enquiries to Towergate is 01743 284664

The contact for existing FACE members is Paula Whitrick on 01743 283278 .

The policy runs from 1st April and for this reason our membership renewal date is very strict. It is up to you, as a member to make sure your dues are in on time or your insurance will lapse and you will have to re-apply for membership (and no-one wants to have to take that test again!).

If a member is aware that a claim is potentially being made against this policy, they must contact Towergate direct, and pass all the information to them in the first instance. It is essential that no response is made in acknowledgement of a claim without contacting Towergate first.

It is important to remember that an allergic reaction can be caused by any number of things and only a medically qualified expert is in a position to state the cause. Whether this cause is potentially from a paint product, wet wipe, something eaten by the child or anything less obvious, please ensure you are clear on the immediate circumstances.

If there has been an allergic reaction please note any symptoms and what brands and colours of make-up were used and pass the information on to Liz Bylett for inclusion within our register.

Data From: http://www.facepaint.co.uk/whatis/insurance.html


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