Easy Kids Face Painting for Beginners

Easy Kids Face Painting for Beginners

Posted by Harley Davidson Wednesday, September 3, 2008 0 comments
When I began to plan my daughter's birthday party, my neighbor said "well, you have to have do face painting. Kids LOVE having their face painted!" Face Painting, I'd seen it done at fairs and festivals and I remembered how happy everyone looked but I never thought of doing it myself.
It sounded like fun ... for me ... and for the kids.

So I began searching high and low for "how-to" face painting resources. What I found was a lot of information on professional face painting and full-face art, not at all what I needed at the time.

I found this VDO on Youtube.

And I recomment you to go here :

Step-By-Step Guide Makes Face Painting So Easy Even Non-Creative Types Can Paint Like Pros.


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