Buskerfest and Kids Face Painting

Buskerfest and Kids Face Painting

Posted by Harley Davidson Monday, September 15, 2008 0 comments
One of the photographers that was at Buskerfest just emailed me these really nice pictures of Nefarious’s face paint. There were quite a few people doing it, but these artists had a three-plus hour waiting list! It was definitely worth the wait everyone they did looked amazing. The pictures don’t do it justice.

And I forgot to tell one of my stories from the day. I was watching a great German wheel act, but the woman standing in front of me — in the front row, refusing to sit down even though the act had asked her to — insisted on holding a large fancy and probably very expensive umbrella in my face. I pushed it out of my face a couple times when it got too close, and after the fourth time, she turned around and copped an over-the-top “DO YOU MIND???!” attitude…

I’m like, “yeah, I do mind, you’re in the front row with an umbrella blocking everyone behind you and you keep pushing it into my face!”

So then she starts freaking out, screaming “How dare you talk to a WOMAN that way!??!?” and making a scene that this is some sort of gender issue. I take a step toward her and she keeps freaking out “Are you threatening me? Don’t you know it’s wrong to treat a WOMAN like this?!?” — and I’m just, “Look, just turn around and watch the show and keep your umbrella out of my face.”

So then she starts screaming at her kid, gets them in trouble for nothing, yells about me being an asshole, and drags them off and thankfully I didn’t see them again. (Nefarious was sitting down some distance from me so she was spared the ridiculousness of this drama-queen’s outburst).


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