Add Glitter to a Face Painting Design

Add Glitter to a Face Painting Design

Posted by Harley Davidson Friday, September 26, 2008 0 comments
There are several stages to face painting. A final stage involves bringing your creation to life. This is done through adding glitter and shine to the face painting once it is completed to add dimension and pizzaz to your art. Here are the steps to adding glitter to face painting.
Step1 Paint an object or creature on someone's face. Complete the painting adding whatever finishing touches you will need ...

Step2 Prepare the glitter bottle. Buy glitter already in a small plastic bottle that is easy to squeeze. Alternately, buy a travel size shampoo bottle from your local drug store or super center. Choose a bottle with a twist up top like a school glue bottle. Add the glitter to the clean dry bottle with a funnel. Close the lid and set aside.

Step3 Close eyes. The person getting painted should close their eyes and keep them shut while you apply the glitter. Tell him that you will tell him when to open his eyes.

Step4 Hold the glitter bottle pointed at a down angle and squeeze the bottle shooting glitter onto the recipient's face. Start with short quick squeezes. Check to see if enough glitter is on the painting. If you need more glitter, squeeze a second time.


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