Safe Face Painting Means Happy Kids

Safe Face Painting Means Happy Kids

Posted by Harley Davidson Wednesday, August 13, 2008 0 comments
So you volunteered at a community carnival and you’ve been put in charge of the Face Painting booth. Or you’ve decided to Face Paint at your child’s birthday party. You head to your local craft store purchase the supplies. Your list includes some paints, brushes and glitter…not too difficult to find, right? Wrong.

Unfortunately, most craft stores do not carry the appropriate tools and supplies for Face Painting. All skin is sensitive, especially children’s skin. To truly have a successful and safe event (which means happy kids and happy parents), using the proper products makes all the difference in the world.

The only type of paint that is truly appropriate to use for Face Painting is FDA-compliant, water-based face paint. The package will actually say “Face Paint” as opposed to “craft paint,” “acrylic paint,” or “tempera paint.” Craft paints can cause serious allergic reactions to the skin including burning and redness.

Water based Face Painting are easy to use, dry quickly and wash off easily with water and soap. Craft paints could stain the skin. The same principal applies to glitter. Craft store glitters usually contains metal particles that can get lodged in the eye and cause abrasions and redness. When using glitter at your face painting events, choose cosmetic grade polyester glitter. An alternative to glitter is to purchase sparkle Face Paint (where the glitter is actually in the face paint.)

Although some major cities may have theater supply stores that sell Face Paint, the best place to find and purchase face paint is the Internet. Face Painting can be a memorable experience for children at birthday parties, community festivals, school picnics or at any family event. By using the proper tools and supplies, you can ensure that the children will be participating in a safe and fun activity.


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