Kids Face Paint a Tiger Face Step by Step

Kids Face Paint a Tiger Face Step by Step

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On this page we will try and show how to paint a tiger face step by step so that you can see how the various layers and details are built up. We will give you the colours of the paints used and details of the brushes and sponges used so you can practise this for yourselves, although obviously different colours can be used for different effects (see bottom of page for examples). Before you begin to paint you will need a supply of clean water, a dry towel (to place around the person being painted) and either some wet wipes or a damp flannel (to keep your hands clean).

Step 1:
Using a sponge paint a white area around the mouth. This will help keep the whiskers white later on.

Step 2:
Using a clean sponge paint yellow around the eyes, cheeks and chin.

Step 3:
Using another sponge add orange around the outside of the face. Blend the orange and yellow together by going slightly over the edges of the yellow paint with the orange, if the paint is too dark you can keep blending using the yellow and orange sponges until you get the effect you like.

Step 4:
Using a medium thick brush, paint white eyebrows above the eyes. Use the line of the clients actual eyebrow as a guide, lifting the brush at the end of the stoke to create the point.

Step 5:
Paint another eyebrow onto the other side, it is sometimes easier to paint the side you feel least confident with first. Add brush strokes around the mouth creating the whiskers, if you lift the brush as you come to the end of the stroke and flick the tip of the brush slightly you can achieve the pointed look to your whiskers..

Step 6:
Add white stipes, start your brush strokes at the outer edge of the orange paint and drag in, if you lift the brush as you drag it it will create the tapered look to the stripes very easily. Still using the white place a thin line under each eye.
Using black paint add a nose, following the natural flare of the nosterals will help ensure both sides are even.

Step 7:
Using the black add a line from under the nose to the top lip, this should get larger as you go down to incorporate the top lip. Paint both lips black. Add black stripes in the same way as the white ones, the number of stripes is down to personal preference..

Step 8:
Using a thin brush add small dots above the top lip in black and outline the whiskers and eyebrows, this will give more definition.

The final touch is to add a sprikling of glitter, gold looks good with these colours, around the edge of the face, try not to go too near the eyes. If you have glitter gel, as opposed to loose glitter, this can be added in between the stripes creating extra glitter stripes.
Note: These colours were actually changed in an image editing programme, but they give you an idea of what can be done just by changing the colours used.


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