How to Make Face Painting Stencils

How to Make Face Painting Stencils

Posted by Harley Davidson Thursday, July 31, 2008 0 comments
Kids Face painting can bring so much fun and joy to a child's birthday party. But sometimes certain designs can take too long to paint. One way to shorten the amount of time you use is to create face painting stencils.

Making face painting stencils can also make face painting a little easier and quicker if you’re a beginner and still a little nervous about painting free hand. To Make Face Painting Stencils You Will Need:

• A craft knife.
• A piece of acetate or stiff plastic.
• A printout of the stencil design (or you can draw/sketch on a piece of paper this if you want)
• A cutting board (or a hard surface to cut the stencil out)
• Tape.

Step 1: Design your stencil design by either finding one online and printing it out of drawing one of your own. Try to stick to something simple as the surface area (a child’s face) is quite small and will most likely move while you paint them!

Step 2: Use some tape to stick down the printout (or your sketch) of the stencil design to the piece of acetate along the edges. Make sure that the stencil design is a sensible size for a child’s cheek.

Step 3: Using a sharp craft knife start carefully cut out the stencil. Make sure to always wash stencil after use, never use an unwashed stencil on somebody, it may cause skin irritations or allergic reactions.


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